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Construction of the suspension bridge over the Danube

Braila Suspension Bridge

  • Location: Braila Bridge Romania
  • Customer: IHI Infrastructure Systems
  • Construction time: February 2022 to May 2022
  • Construction type: Bridge construction
  • Equipment:

   - 20 pcs. LH200

   - 8 pcs. LH400

   - 12 pcs. HPU4-30

   - 4 pcs. HPU4-14

The Braila Bridge: First Project of DSD Heavy Lift AG

The Braila Bridge (Romanian: Podul Braila) is the last Danube bridge before the Black Sea. Stretching almost 2 km in length, it ranks as Europe's third-longest suspension bridge. Construction began at the end of 2018, and on July 6, 2023, it was officially opened. This over 30-meter-wide bridge features two traffic lanes in each direction and provides space for pedestrian and cycling paths, each 3 meters wide. The bridge's tall concrete pylons reach heights of over 200 meters. The bridge's roadway is made of aerodynamically shaped hollow sections, assembled on-site as individual elements.

DSD Heavy Lift AG embraced the significant challenge and contributed to the construction of the Braila Bridge in Romania. As a young company, we successfully lifted 86 bridge decks, each weighing nearly 400 tons per deck. Of these, 58 decks were lifted by barge and swung horizontally over 50 meters before being placed on land using the SMPT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter). Subsequently, we positioned the decks in their final locations. In less than four months, DSD Heavy Lift AG performed 150 lifts, moving a total of 50,000 tons of steel.

Our expertise in bridge construction and dismantling, coupled with our ability to efficiently handled complex tasks with precision, contributed to the successful completion of the Braila Bridge. This reference project underscores our competence and reliability as a partner for demanding construction projects worldwide.